Giant-Sized Issue 3 “Riggsing It Up” *Matt Riggs!!

The delightful ‘Mighty Matt Riggs comes by the nerd table to just chat. We really chat it up in this episode and learn that we are all a bit nerdy. Will Keith and Kevin ever find a format? Will the beer be good? Will Matt Riggs ever leave Kevin’s apartment?

*Just a heads up there is a pause in this episode due to Kevin’s phone. Just a heads up, ya’ll.

You can find Matt Riggs at: and on twitter @mattriggs

We’d like to thank James Webb for the logo to the nerd closet. You can find James’s at

Intro music is brought to you by Ain’t No Love. You can find this song and other songs at



2 thoughts on “Giant-Sized Issue 3 “Riggsing It Up” *Matt Riggs!!

  1. The problem I had with amazing spiderman is that they had the same fucking plot as the first spiderman. Family shit family shit family shit, mary jane mary jane, spider bite, finds powers, uses them in wacky ways, disgruntled scientist figures out how to alter their body to gain animal powers, fights spiderman. blah blah blah. 1/10.

    • Dude, totally agree! We’ve know this character in comics since the ’60’s and on screen since 2001. There are hundreds of stories for them to mine from. But I don’t blame Marvel. I blame Sony & ‘Merica buying into the same thing over and over.

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