Issue 8 ” Well…It’s Hammer Time!”

In this weeks episode Keith comes back from a long comedic journey of the Midwest. Kevin held down the nerd kitchen with the help of Atlas Brewing Co. Obfuscation Imperial stout. The boys imbibed and talk about Thor, archers, writers, cities in the Midwest, and the future! Will Keith get back to a normal sleeping schedule? Will Kevin give up his life of data processing to become a god of Asgard? How will our heroes find something to talk about for next week? Tune in and find out!!!

Listen Here:

Our beer this week is brought to you by Atlas Brewing Co. Look at Atlas here: and follow them on Facebook

As always follow James Webb for the logo to the nerd closet. You can find James’s at

Intro music is brought to you by Ain’t No Love. You can find this song and other songs at

Check out Keith’s trailer to his new web series ‘Good Evening Ladies & Gentlemen’


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