Giant Sized Issue 12 “She was the She-Wolf with Mike Wiley”

In this weeks episode Keith is being held captive by minimum wage labor, and Kevin is forced to journey by himself! But fear not journeyers, comedian and ‘Magic the Gathering’ mage, Mike Wiley comes by the kitchen. Mike and Kevin talk Disney, Mike explains to Kevin the beginners way to ‘Magic’, and all this done to drinking on Easter Sunday! Will Keith make enough to party at C2E2? Will Mike get Kevin to join his coven? Will there be a lot of pictures? Listen and find out!


Find Mike Wiley here and order his album here

What we are drinking:

What we are reading:

Kevin’s Draw (Sliver deck):

Wiley’s Draw (Artifact Deck):

First Turn (Mana Pool):

Wiley’s 1st Spell (Voltaic Key; Tap 1 colorless to un-tap target artifact)

Kevin with 1 red and 1 white mana:

In the thick of it! Kevin just used ‘Parallel Evolution (For each creature token in play, it’s controller puts a creature token into play that is a coy of that creature):

First timers luck! Kevin wipes Wiley off the board:


We’d like to thank James Webb for the logo to the nerd closet.

Intro music is brought to you by Ain’t No Love.


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