Issue 13 “C2E2 So Nice to Meet You!”

In this issue, Keith and Kevin review their journey into C2E2. They talk about the show they performed in! They chat about their major grabs! They drink and gab about all the great things this Con had! Did Keith get lost and hangout with WWE wrestlers? Did Kevin get cosplayers to pose with his nephew’s ‘Flat Stanley’? Did Keith and Kevin buy swords? Will their girlfriends still sleep with them if they did? Find out in this issue!


Us Performing:


The great folks we meet:


Our swag:



We’d like to thank James Webb for the logo to the nerd closet.

Intro music is brought to you by Ain’t No Love.

Our beer this week is Archaeopteryx Dreamcoat Blueberry Belgian Pale Ale from Atlas Brewing


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