Issue 46 “Merry Xmas and a Bah Hummmmm…”

Happy Holidays nerds! We hope your Superman and Wonder Woman long-johns are hung with care over you fire place. Keith has visions of Batman running through his head. Kevin heard a clatter, could it be good old St. Captain America beating up Nazis on the roof! Nope, just Journey Into Nerdery?!  The nerds cuddle close to the fire and talk about: nerd word, office parties, weather, Farmer’s Almanac, lizard people, dreidel, socks, 8 Crazy Nights, divorce, strip clubs, exotic fruits, Christmas Story, It’s a Wonderful Life, Ultra-megazord, Jim Steranko, Muppets Christmas Carol, Cameron Stewart, and of course comics!


What we are reading:

What we are reading this week!#JIN

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What we are drinking:

What we are drinking this week! #JIN

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One Amazing Thing:

We’d like to thank James Webb for the logo to the nerd closet.

Intro music is brought to you by Jonathan Mann.



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